Maids Are Banned From Entering Singapore Cricket Club.

Maids Are Banned From Entering Singapore Cricket Club.

Aiyo, when I saw Mr Bloodworth’s Facebook post, I had to double check the date. I can’t believe such outdated practices still exists in the modern world today and of all places, Singapore. We are a country made up almost entirely of migrants. Our forefathers came here to work and built this beautiful place I call home. Never once in my growing years, I have felt that the person sitting next to me in the bus is any less worthy to be anywhere in Singapore. In school, we are taught to love each other and that Singapore is made up of 4 major races and that no one race is more superior to the others.

What’s happening? Especially to our helpers. These hardworking ladies come to Singapore from all over Asia and work in our homes. They provide us with the peace of mind that our homes are well taken care of and that we can focus on our jobs without having to worry about what’s happening at home. Everywhere we go, we see them, taking care of our aged parents, our little offsprings, running errands and taking care of the cleaniness of our abode. So, imagine my horror when I realised that the Singapore Cricket Club and a few other so called atas club actually bans the help from entering the club!

Slavery has been abolished in the UK since 1833. Almost 185 years later, people still behave in this manner? Treating the help like dirt. Apparently, this is not an isolated case. In 2001, a lady, Angie Monksfield was banned for LIFE, for bringing her help into the above club and insisting that the helper was her guest. 17 years later, this rule still exists, which goes to show how entrenched their thinking is. From the looks of it, nothing is gonna change even if Mr Bloodworth tries to bring his case into the social media realm.

Frankly speaking, in my very honest personal opinion, the very private club can set whatever rule it wants, even rules that discriminates others. We cannot object if all the members are dinosaurs and approve of such treatment of fellow humans. But don’t hide it in the by-laws lah. Put it out in the open, where everybody can see, so that people are not caught by surprise and have to change their plans. We all know how irritating it is when such things happen. I mean the changing of plans. Your and family and you are out happily enjoying a nice day. Then someone comes along and spoils your day like that.

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