Woman reports her mother to police for harassment, who allegedly also killed her grandmother

The following is a story shared by a woman by the name of Mei on her husband Tai’s Facebook account.

This story is quite a bit of drama until you thought would only happen in Chinese imperial palace dramas like “Story of Yanxi Palace”.

Woman reports her mother to the police for harassment, who had also allegedly killed her grandmother

In case you are too busy to read the long story, here’s a summarized version for you:

  • Mei took it to her husband Tai’s Facebook account to share her “family tragedy” after shutting down her own account to avoid disturbances from her own mother.
  • She hopes that her story can warrant an “official government investigation” for her grandmother’s death which was allegedly caused by her own mother.
  • According to Mei, her mother “has some mental problem” which only both Mei and her grandmother knows about.
  • Mei’s mother is someone rich and has many connection to influential Chinese business people back in Guang Zhou, China – which is a reason to why her marriage with Mei’s father failed.
  • Mei’s mother is possessive and manipulative and would constantly discourage Mei from getting married.
  • Mei’s grandmother, on the other hand, is supportive of Mei getting married to her husband Tai.
  • In June 2014, to ruin their wedding, Mei’s mother conned her grandmother into the hospital on the eve of Mei and Tai’s wedding after she’d found out about it.
  • Mei’s mother ordered the hospital in Guang Zhou to captivate the grandmother inside the hospital.
  • Mei’s mother needed a valid reason as to why the grandmother is hospitalized for months, she hence forced a heart transplant surgery on the 89-year old grandmother without her knowing.
  • Mei consulted the surgeons on this matter and is convinced that this is a plot to murder her grandmother.
  • Grandmother’s health then deteriorated and passed away.
  • Mei then fled from her mother out of fear and hate, which resulted in her mother destroying almost everything in Mei’s life and pushing the blame on Tai.
  • Mei thinks that this is a way of her mother driving them to death by torturing them mentally so that she can sleep in peace.

You can read the post in full text below:

(Updated Tues 9th Oct 2018: Added 2 pictures of me going to Singapore police to lodge a report against my mother in China)

Hi all.. this is Mei 岳薇. I’m using my husband Tai’s facebook to post as I closed my facebook account years ago to try to shield myself from my mother’s disturbances. I have no choice but to reveal my painful family tragedy to the public, as I urgently need to stir up enough commotion to warrant an official government investigation into my grandmother’s death, which I firmly know that her death is viciously plotted by my own mother.

My grandmother and I both know that my mother has some mental problem despite her concealing it well. My mother is a rich and well-connected person in Guangzhou, China. I have seen her constantly using her womanly charm to manipulate and please powerful men at work, and it is no surprise to me that her marriage with my father broke down. Since young, she would control everyone around me, is abnormally possessive and constantly telling me to never get married.

Grandmother, on the contrary, is very supportive of me finding a good husband, and she is especially fond of Tai. It is grandmother who gradually led us to tie the knot, much to the angst of my mother.

Eventually, this angst led my mother to con grandmother into hospital on the eve of our marriage dinner in June 2014, as my mother needed a proper reason to cancel my marriage dinner. She just couldn’t bear the sight of me getting married.

Afraid that her sick plot would be exposed, she ordered the hospital to continue holding grandmother captive inside the hospital(广州军区总医院).

This way, there would be no marriage dinner and grandmother wouldn’t be able to speak up.

Months went by, my mother needed a valid reason to keep grandmother inside the hospital for so long. Thus, she forced a heart transplant operation on 89-year old grandmother! This was done without grandmother knowing, and I wonder where did she get the heart from and also how did the hospital agree! It is totally crazy and absurd! I’ve consulted surgeons on this matter and I have every reason to believe this is a plot to murder my grandmother under the disguise of an operation.

Soon after the operation, grandmother’s health deteriorated and passed away, as expected. No one in the family is able to do anything as my mother is simply too powerful and cunning. Knowing the truth in my heart, I fled away from my mother as I fear and hate her. Since then, she has relentlessly destroyed every corner of my life, my work, my circle of friends, and try to blame everything on Tai, meanwhile doing the same destruction to this life.

My mother hope that we will go crazy under an extended and intense period of mental torture, and hopefully kill ourselves. My mother wants me to die or go crazy, as I am the most powerful witness to grandmother’s death.

Yes, after killing grandmother, my mother is meticulously plotting my death so that she can sleep in peace! I could not believe fate could ever be this cruel.

Please help! Please share my true story to your friends. We are running out of options and we could die anyday. By sharing, you could be saving Tai and my life, and you will definitely be helping justice be heard!

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