Hospital allegedly dispensed expired medication to baby, mother shares her experience

Hospital allegedly dispensed expired medication to baby, mother shares her experience

According to a Facebook post by Judy Teo on 1 October, her daughter was prescribed with expired medication that was meant to be dripped into the baby’s nostrils.

It took her more than a month to realize that her daughter had been prescribed with an expired medication by the hospital after seeing no improvement in her daughter, despite using the medication as instructed.

At the time we publish this post, the hospital has already contacted the baby’s parents to bring their baby back to the hospital for check-up.

You can read her Facebook post below:

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital My daughter was prescribed with expired medication. Medication is meant to be dripped into baby’s nostrils. We were wondering why is it so that she did not get better despite using the medication for 1month plus (from date of being issued till date, resting in btw as instructed.) Upon checking, I was horrified to find out that the medication expired on 04/18 even when the medication was prescribed on 25/08/18. She was barely one month when she was prescribed with this expired medication.

How can KKH overlook important information like expiry date before issuing the medication to their patients, especially newborns? Will there be any adverse effect on the infant as the infant has been given the medication for a month. How could the public trust the hospital if they are dispensing expired medication? I do hope KKH can look into this and get back to me the soonest with possible ways of making things right.

Updates: KKH has called and asked to go down to their clinic tomorrow for baby to do check.

Dear parents, please next time before you leave the hospital or clinic, remember to check the prescribed medication. If not hor, always double check before giving your child any medication.

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