Beauty salon employees force Auntie to go for facial and escort her to ATM to withdraw money

It was reported that employees of an unscrupulous beauty salon in People’s Park Complex were allegedly working together to extort money from customers.

Beauty salon employees forced Auntie to go for facial and escort her to ATM to withdraw money

According to Zaobao, a video has been uploaded on Facebook by a netizen known as Mr Chen, who alleged that an auntie was nearly ripped off by a beauty salon located on the first floor of People’s Park Complex.

Mr. Chen alleged that the beauty salon would first send its employees to distribute flyers in the vicinity of People’s Park Complex before pulling customers into the beauty salon for facial.

He recounted that on the day in which the video was taken, an auntie had been “forcefully pulled” into the salon for a facial by an employee, and then taken to the ATM to withdraw cash by another employee.

According to Zaobao’s report, the video showed a female employee had her hand placed on the auntie’s shoulder as she watched her withdraw the money. After withdrawing the money, the employee then led the auntie back to the beauty salon, with her hand still placed on the auntie’s shoulder.

Mr Chen said, “She wanted the auntie to withdraw $550. Thankfully, the auntie did not have sufficient balance in her bank account, or else she’d have to hand over her hard-earned money. Ladies, please be careful of this unscrupulous shop.”

Zaobao also reported that the video drew outrage among netizens in the comment section, and has been shared by more than 1,900 times. Netizen Max expressed, “These people only pick on the easy target, what a bad thing to do.”

Some netizens also pointed out that Mr Chen should have intervened or called the police instead of filming the video.

Another netizen Mr Xu said, “In this case, if you think that they are scamming people, shouldn’t you be notifying the police instead of stirring it. Are you doing this to garner attention?”

Aiyo, whether the intention of the video is to generate eyeball or not, at least now we all know and can warn our ah ma, mother, sister, auntie, neighbour and friends to be careful and don’t anyhow talk to strangers mah, correct?

But heng ah, I chio enough liao no need to go facial.

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