oBike pulling out of Singapore is like a breakup that ended on a bad note

You might have heard by now that oBike decided to exit Singapore market, leaving its users disappointed and angry that their $49 worth of deposit has not been refunded to them.

Earlier today, oBike announced that they will pull out of Singapore because of difficulties in meeting LTA’s new requirements.

LTA’s new regulations will cap the number of bicycles each operator can have.

The authority will also make the operators remove illegally parked bicycles within a certain time frame.

So oBike said “the new regulation measures do not favour this belief of hours”.

oBike is only exiting Singapore’s market. They will remain in other countries.

The bike-sharing company then shifted the responsibility to Grab by saying that users can contact GrabCycle directly about oBike services.

Grab then clarified that oBikes will no longer be available on their app from today.

Grab (not oBike) said it will waive all subscriptions and refund deposits by Jun 26.

oBike, however, hasn’t said anything about refunds.

This has incurred the wrath of oBike users who are not able to get their $49 deposit back.

Previously, users could get a refund by clicking on the link for refund deposit on oBike’s app.

This does not work anymore. The “loading” button showed that it failed to connect.

Disappointed oBike users also claimed that their Singapore office is empty.

The unit number #09-19 matches the address of oBike’s office shown on Google.

Angry netizens have left hashtags like “#refundmydeposit” and “returnmydeposit” on oBike’s Facebook page.

There is also a petition to demand a deposit refund from oBike Singapore. There are 1,073 signatures as of time of reporting.

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