Married man throw shit at ex-GF at ION Orchard after getting dumped

Married man throw shit at ex-GF at ION Orchard after getting dumped

A 48-year-old married man who was unemployed at the time of the incident visited his ex-girlfriend who was working in ION Orchard shopping centre at 4.58pm on 27 September 2017 and literally throw shit at her.

The accused had been in a relationship with the 28-year-old victim despite being married.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the court has placed a gag order on the identity of the victim.

The accused had cohabited with the victim in a flat and both worked at the chicken rice stall in Bedok, however, on last year August 15 the both of them got into a fight and the accused took a chopper to threaten the victim and stop her from leaving.

The victim then resigned from her job from the chicken rice stall on the same night. The victim’s brother lodged a police report the next day.

In September 2017, the victim decided to break up with the accused and decided to leave him totally. She subsequently found a new job at an eatery in ION Orchard.

Photo Credit: Shin Min Daily News

The accused harboured a grudge for getting dumped and managed to found out where she work.

On 26 September 2017, when the accused suffered diarrhea, he took some of his shit and placed them in a plastic bag. The very next day, he took a cab down to ION Orchard while the victim was working and throw the shit at her.

The worst part is shit not only kana at the victim, several of the victim’s colleagues also kana the shit.

The shit was all over and spilled between two eateries and as a result, both of the stall operators got to end the operation earlier and throw away all the food they had prepared and suffered in an estimated loss of $4033.50.

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