Lesser places to eat Shark’s Fin soup from this year

89 Singaporean restaurants will take shark’s fin soup and other shark products off their menus from this year. They are heeding the WWF’s (World Wide Fund for Nature’s) call to action last year.

shark's fin

The decision was announced yesterday and is the largest collective pledge by the local industry to date.

Establishments can phase out shark’s fins in 3 way – remove it from menus, stop serving it for a trial period or remove it from menus and serve it only upon request.

The 89 establishments went with either the 1st or 3rd options.

According to the WWF, Singapore is the world’s 2nd largest shark’s fin trader by value after Hong Kong.

We still have some restaurants in Singapore serving the dish.

If cannot eat real shark’s fin, then eat the vegetarian one lor.

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