7 things that people do in “Singapore winter” to keep themselves warm

“Singapore winter” is the new buzz word for the internet!

NEA’s weather forecast predicted that the temperature would dip to a low of 22 degrees last night but places like Ang Mo Kio and Admiralty actually dropped to 21.9 degrees at 10.30pm.

For those who love the cool weather, you’d happy to know that the temperature might plunge to 21 degrees tonight!

Here are 7 things that Singaporeans do in this cool weather to keep themselves warm.

1) Wear thermal wear to work

Your colleague might not be telling you this but he’s secretly wearing a Uniqlo heat tech under his shirt.

2) Use a hairdryer in office

Because going to the toilet to use the hand dryer is just too leceh (troublesome in Malay).

3) Put on a trench coat

Seriously, this is the best time to wear your winter clothes in Singapore without being judged.

4) Drink hot drinks like never before

Even the queue at the local Teh Tarik shop is longer than usual.

5) Wear socks to sleep

Because warm feet helps you to sleep better.

6) Set the air-con to 25 degrees

When it’s 22 degrees outside, your air-con that’s set at 25 degrees actually keeps your room warm.

7) Try not to turn on the tap

The water is so cold that you wished there was hot water for our taps like those in winter countries.

If you find all of these too exaggerating,

You probably have a very high tolerance for the cold.

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