Passenger complains about Singapore Airlines service on Social Media

A disgruntled customer who bought a Singapore Airlines ticket for a trip has gone on Facebook to complain about being downgraded to a flight on Scoot, Singapore Airlines’s Budget arm.

Just in case you can’t see the post, here it is:

Dear Singapore Airlines,

I wanted to share how disappointed I am with the service. I have emailed and waited for almost a month but there is no reply for an update.

Firstly, SQ change to Scoot carrier, and we paid a premium but was been pushed to board a budget airline instead. We want to cancel the flight and book directly through budget aircraft. However, this will not work as SQ contacted us too late and the prices for budget airlines have escalated close to SQ pricing for the week we are flying. Hence, we decided to hang on the reservation with SQ and fly on Scoot.

We were told that we will continue to receive luggage allowance and onboard meals as per our Singapore Airline booking arrangement. Unfortunately, our experience was very poor. This happens for the two-way flight.

– we were asked to check in using the kiosk which does not work for both of us; the passport information does not match the booking records
– the ticket printed partial name for SURNAME_MIDDLENAME and not SURNAME_FULLNAME hence we cannot find the booking when we want to self-check in. 
– when we wanted to check in our pieces of luggage, this is not reflected in the system that this is part of the arrangement and the staff had to check with the supervisor which took some time
– I got worried and asked if meals are included, again the staff took some time to check and assure us it will be included as we are transferred from SQ
– the gate was changed after we passed the custom
– the flight is delayed for an hour
– when the stewardess finally starts serving food, they went past us and we thought they will come back after that. No one comes back and the following announcement is when the plane is landing. Next, the stewards started collecting the trash. We did not get our food and drink.

This is a very bad experience for us given our first experience with Scoot. We are even more disappointed with Singapore Airlines as we paid a premium not to take budget Airlines but were forced to be boarding that due to SQ commercial reason.

I really hope to get a response from Singapore Airlines as we bought the tickets from SQ, not from Scoot. Prior the trip, i have been calling the call center, and they always have to take a long time to answer my call. What makes matter worse, they always cannot pull out my booking in the system and can only do it over the phone. I called 3 times when there were changes to the flight but i was not notified (i know it through the other passenger i was travelling with), and SQ always replied saying they will call back but they never did. I had to use email method and by the time they mention the complimentary period to select more leg room space for those transfer from SQ is closed. This is my worst experience flying with SQ. I need an update pleaseeeeeeeeeee. Thank you.

Limpeh’s not sure how true this claim is, it’s definitely my first time hearing about such a downgrade. You all got hear before? Must comment and let me know about your experience…

Anyway, Singapore Airlines replied to his/her Facebook post and ask that the passenger to contact them via email with his/her details.

Singapore Airlines

Netizens caught the post and left all sorts of negative comments about their own negative experience with Singapore Airlines. But of course, some netizens also jumped in to talk about their positive experiences to help Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Whatever it is, Limpeh still think Singapore Airlines is still a great way to fly… 😛

Singapore Airlines
(Credits: Singapore Business Review)

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I am now Speaker of Parliament of Sureboh Singapore. I will speak a lot and write a lot of friendly-friendly stories about Singapore.I love to run around Singapore and meet old cardboard ladies.When you see me, you must bow to me please.