Religious harmony in Singapore is sibeh tok-kong!

religious harmony

See this photo? If you stay in Singapore long enough, you will know this type of photo is so common, because Singapore has good and harmonious relations between religions.

(Yah, of course, this picture is also interesting because one of the three candidates for the upcoming Presidential Election Halimah Yacob is inside.) 

But you know,  in some countries, you won’t see such a photo appearing, some people from other countries will even find this picture odd because you have people of different religions and race standing in one picture.

Here are some photos that show how religious harmony works in Singapore.

religious harmony
Religious leaders praying for protection on the Singapore F1 track.


religious harmony
A Catholic church and a Hindu Temple side by side in Queensway.


religious harmony
A Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple side by side at Geylang East Avenue 2.


religious harmony
PM Lee together with religious leaders at a dinner.

You might think its nothing big. But imagine if Singapore did not have religious harmony, and all our religions are constantly quarreling, then how to grow as a nation? How will Ah Lian and Ali get married when they really really love each other?

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