Guy proposing to girl by tricking her to watch a sneak preview of the Doraemon movie is the best thing you’ll watch today

Guy proposing to girl by tricking her to watch a sneak preview of the Doraemon movie is the best thing you’ll watch today

OTT (over-the-top) proposals give us goosebumps but can’t say the same for this guy, Zhi Wei, who hid in a Doraemon suit and tricked his girlfriend in winning a pair of sneak preview tickets to the Doraemon movie.

For those who haven’t watched the video, here are the ‘must-not-miss’ scenes.

1. This is Zhi Wei carrying his Doraemon suit out of the car and into the shopping mall.

2. He wore the Doraemon suit and even snapped a picture with his girlfriend, Apple!

3. She “won” tickets to the “sneak preview” of the Doraemon movie in a lucky dip!

4. Apple texted her boyfriend to tell him that she won tickets to the sneak preview.

5. She finally realized that she had been tricked! This scene shows how Apple participated in a lucky dip 9 years ago and became Zhi Wei’s client.

That was how they first met.

Fast forward a few scenes, Zhi Wei made a grand entrance into the half-filled movie with a mega bouquet of flowers.

Zhi Wei eventually went down on one knee and proposed to Apple but they had a little chat before that, revealing how close and comfortable they are with each other.

A: Conman…(laughing)

ZW: The flowers are heavy

A: Who are all these people in theatre? (laughing)

*Friends cheered*

ZW: Put the flowers down first (and he helped her with the flowers)

A: Scare die me…how come so many people…(laughing)

ZW: You see your friends?

A: Ya, you bluff me…what Doraemon show…

ZW: So cliche right?

*Couple laughed*

A: So the over-sized Doraemon…was it you?

Zhi Wei nodded and Apple laughed again.

Zhi Wei became a bit more serious and started his proposal speech. 

ZW: I feel so fortunate…

Apple might have looked like she was going to tear up.

ZW: Eh don’t like that leh…

A: Calm down, calm down (fanning Zhi Wei with her hands)

ZW: I really feel fortunate having you by my side. We really went through a lot before being together.

Zhi Wei was doing his best to hold back his tears.

ZW:  I just want you to know that I’ll take care of you, definitely protect you. I have something to tell you. 

A: Mmm.

*Friends cheered and held up the light-up-boards with the words “will you marry me”.*

ZW: Will you be my Mrs Chia?

A: See how big it (the ring) is first…(laughing)…ok big enough.

As Zhi Wei was fitting the ring into her hands, he said, “I purposely bought a bigger ring”. And the rest is history.

On a side note, did you notice how swift the video production team was?

They made it in time to feature the video footage of Apple taking photos with Doraemon and being tricked by the lucky dip on the movie screen.

The video production team probably only had less than 30 mins of turnaround to work with.

They even had LIVE video recording, showing Zhi Wei in behind-the-scenes and even as he was preparing to enter the movie hall.

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