Yup, KL MRT is really “on a par” with Singapore MRT. Signal fault also have…

KL’s new MRT system had a signalling fault just this week!

Think Singaporeans are so sick of hearing the term signalling fault liao. Every other day (or maybe every day) we hear the announcement of a signalling fault on the NSEW Line.


But alamak, now our brothers and sisters in KL also kena the same problem. Now who was the one who said KL MRT system “on a par” with Singapore’s MRT?

See lar, cannot anyhow say you know?

When Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak launched the second phase of the Greater Kuala Lumpur line, he said:

“…we are better than London, we are better than New York, we are better than Hong Kong, and we are on a par with Singapore.”

Maybe PM Najib never update himself with our Singapore news of our MRT having train fault every day in the last few weeks.


Wah, but yeah, our train fault, signalling fault and all that jazz is so frequent limpeh don’t know what to say. I hope the one in KL is just an isolated incident, otherwise really suay lor.

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