Gen Z need skills that employers demand…ahbuhden!

Recruitment firm Hays offered Generation Z (Gen Z) – those born between 1997 and 2010 – an advice:

Moderate your need for instant gratification and try to understand the values that your older colleagues hold.

About 30% of Singapore’s resident population is made up Gen Zs who are digitally savvy, but they need skills that cannot be automated.

Gen Z

The economy is changing and more jobs are replaced by machine and robots, so if the younger generation Gen Ys and Zs want to get jobs, they will need skills that employers demand.

But employers should also change their mindsets in employing Gen Zs, because they have a different view of work-life balance. They know they will work longer and because they are digitally savvy, the use of technology for remote and home working is considered the norm.

If you are Gen Y or Gen Z, surely you will hope to have the chance to work from home on certain days if  your work is mostly done online and you can work from anywhere, right?

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