Suspicious bag spotted at Bedok but nobody was really bothered by it

A suspicious huge green bag was lying in the middle of an open space behind Block 511, Bedok North Market on Monday (26 June) and passersby seemed nonchalant about it.

One of our readers submitted a video capturing reactions of passersby as they walked past the bag. The reader claimed that he called the police to report the suspicious item and recorded the incident while waiting for the police to arrive.

In just less than one minute of the video, approximately 33 people walked past the bag and did not seem to be bothered by its presence.

Towards the end of the video, it showed two police officers arriving at the scene and inspecting the suspicious item. According to the reader, the bag was removed by the police for further investigation.

If you see any suspicious-looking person or article, please call 999 or SMS 71999 if it is not safe to talk. You can also point, shoot and send photos or videos via the SGSecure app. 

Keep calm and stay vigilant at all times.

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