Five men involved in money laundering case are wanted by Chinese police for online gambling case


As the money laundering case is currently being investigated, it has been reported that amongst the 10 men and women involved, five of them are actually wanted by Chinese police!

10 foreigners arrested for alleged money laundering, 1 already hired lawyer while other 6 intending to plea in court

Zaobao reported that according to Chinese media reports in 2018, three of the suspects have the same names as those involved in the local money laundering case. In fact hor, they were issued a B-class warrant by the Chinese police. This arrest warrant refers to the Ministry of Public Security responding to requests from provincial public security agencies to issue orders for the arrest of fugitives.

The Chinese media reported, during the investigation of a network gambling case in Guiyang County, Hunan Province in 2015, the police discovered that Su Wen Qiang, Wang De Hai and Su Jian Feng, and two other men had been suspected of involvement in a serious crime.

Therefore, a wanted order was issued. The Chinese police also pointed out that the amount of money involved in the case was huge, seriously infringing on the public interest, and had a bad social impact. The three individuals are currently facing charges under the billion-dollar anti-money laundering case over their suspected involvement in offences including forgery, money laundering, and resisting arrest.

In another Chinese media report in 2019, the Police in Fujian’s Anxi County issued a wanted notice for about 115 fugitives to crack down on various types of fraud crimes. One suspect had the same name as one of the defendants, Chen Qing Yuan, who is believed also to be involved in the billion-dollar anti-money laundering case. Chen Qing Yuan is currently facing charges for his suspected involvement in offences including forgery, money laundering, and resisting arrest as well.

Meanwhile, according to a report published on 15 August on Luzhong Morning News, the Zibo Public Security Bureau Boshan Branch issued a notice on 1 August stating that they had cracked a criminal gang engaged in activities such as operating gambling websites, applications, and online gambling platforms.

In total, the authorities arrested 131 suspects and seized, froze, and recovered more than 10 million RMB (approximately SGD 1.86 million) of funds involved in the case.

The authorities mentioned that nine suspects were illegally staying abroad, including one who shared the same name as one of the defendants in the current money laundering case, Wang Shui Ming, who is currently facing charges of forging documents in Singapore.

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