Crow attacks in Bishan


Shin Min daily News reported on Tuesday (14 February) that about 10 people kenna attacked within 20 minutes long a pathway around Bishan Street 12 on Monday.  

On Wednesday (15 February), four people were attacked within 90 minutes.  

Residents are worried for the elderly and young children who may have difficulty in running away from the attacks.

Crow attacks in Bishan

What the authorities are doing 

NParks told CNA that they have been monitoring the area around Block 110 Bishan Street 12 for crow nests since 7 February.  

“We are working with Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council to remove nests, prune nearby trees and conduct crow trapping, and will continue to do so,” said Dr Adrian Loo, group director of wildlife management at NParks.  

NParks setting traps

Why the attacks? 

According to Dr Loo, these crows are not native to Singapore and are an invasive species that could threaten local biodiversity.  

Crows have a body-to-brain ratio similar to chimpanzees, making them one of the world’s smartest birds. When it comes to the size of their bodies and brains, they are very similar to humans.  

They are very protective of their young and may attack when they sense a threat that could endanger their young.  

How you can do your part 

He added, “The public can help to mitigate population growth and congregation issues by not feeding birds and disposing of food scraps properly.”  

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