What can be done to support & protect livelihoods of drivers?

Last week I was so tired from all the back-to-back meetings at the office that I decided to ‘cab’ home. People who know me, will be shocked to hear this because they know I always try to save when it comes to transport. MRT and bus FTW! I was so surprised that the driver who […]

The most common types of workplace discrimination and what YOU can do to stop it

Workplace discrimination

If you watch a lot of 宫斗剧 aka Palace Drama like The Legend of Zhen Huan, The Story of Yanxi Palace, or Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace hor, you will feel like some of the characters in the show can be pretty similar to the people you see in a company. https://www.facebook.com/sureboh.sg/posts/pfbid02Pvnr9hL1xQAzfFxcqMZg6Hn3xQdxCNGBdNvvL7Uhu9yrXQ9y8uk8VZFVfxyFqhdjl?__tn__=%2CO*F Some of […]

Worried about inflation & GST? Come, Kakak teach you how to grow your wages!

With inflation, everything is so expensive now. My family has been cutting down spending on things we often take for granted, like groceries, food and transport. Even when I ajak Abang to eat his favourite Mee Soto at the hawker centre because he’d complain about why he was paying so much for a small bowl! Whenever […]

NTUC calls for Unemployment Support for workers, MOM said that they are looking into it

NTUC calls for Employment Support

Kee chiu if you think having Unemployment Support is important! Last year in October 2021, the PME taskforce, which was set up by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF), released a 60-page report which consists of the key concerns and challenges faced by professionals, managers, and executives (PMEs). […]

Driver & 2 pedestrians taken to hospital after car accident at Yishun HDB car park

yishun accident

An accident involving three vehicles had occurred on 1 Nov (Tuesday). According to reports, the accident took place at the car park of Block 259 Yishun Street 22. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was notified about the incident at about 2.45pm. The accident involved two cars, a motorcycle and two female pedestrians aged 15 […]

My Abang thinks his friends no wawasan!

That day, Abang came home from work complaining about his request to take up a course that was rejected by his supervisor. But his complaints were not about his supervisor but his colleagues whom he said got no wawasan (vision)! Apparently when he complained to his colleagues about how his request for rejected, his colleagues […]