70-year-old Ah Ma almost kena crushed by a tree that fell on a car as a result of rain

70-year-old Ah Ma almost kena crushed by a tree that fell on a car as a result of rain

After a rainy day, a six-story-high tree reportedly fell and crashed through a car. A 70-year-old Ah Ma recalled the harrowing experience of how she had narrowly avoided what could have been a tragic incident by merely two seconds. Sibei heng sia.

The accident happened at about 8.30am on Thursday (29 September) in a car park near Block 256 Tampines Street 21, reported Zaobao.

According to photos provided by residents staying nearby, the uprooted tree is about six stories high and “occupies” at least four parking spaces. The soil could also be seen scattered all over the ground.

A 48-year-old resident Mdm Zhang told the reporter that the rain had just stopped before the incident. She then heard a “boom” shortly after and found that the tree had fallen, which was very terrifying.

A 70-years-old Ah Ma who was passing by the place before the incident told the reporter of Shin Min Daily News that she had just finished breakfast and was going downstairs to go to the supermarket. As soon as she walked to the parking lot, the tree fell right behind her.

“If the tree fell two seconds earlier, it would probably hit me! Scared die me!” she said.

She said that she could not calm down for a long time, and she would not dare to walk to the car park too in the future.

“I have lived here for nearly 40 years, and this is the first time I have encountered such a thing. Fortunately, the tree did not hit anyone, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous,” she added.

When a reporter from Shin Min Daily News visited on Thursday, the reporter found that there was a tree every few meters in the car park. Although the site has been cleared, there was still a fenced-up pit where the tree was rooted, and the fence next to it is also bent.

Residents who went downstairs to check after the incident said that perhaps the soil had loosened after the rain, which caused the old tree to have fallen as a result.

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