Jurong Fishery Port closed due to COVID-19, but fish supplies at NTUC FairPrice remains unaffected

Jurong Fishery Port closed due to COVID-19, but fish supplies at NTUC FairPrice remains unaffected

Just when we thought the measures for COVID-19 will be lifted soon, and group size limit for social gatherings and dining out will increase, some hum sup lou (horny men) decided to go visit some lup sup KTVs where they tio infected and now implicate the rest of us also.

It is so unfair to the rest of us who guai guai stay at home and follow the measures put in place to curb the virus spread. Then all these hum sup lou who cannot keep their itchy KKB in their pants had to spoil it for everyone.

Walao wei… Really heart very tired and frustrated you know???

Now end up so many places also tio affected and need to close. Hawker centres close, even the fishery port also need to close. You know how many people’s livelihood kena affected by all these closures because of all these itchy KKB a not?

TMD think liao lao niang blood also boil until can cook mala steamboat liao.

But no fish how to eat steamboat? How to cook fish porridge children and old people? Later got another round of panic buy or people sell fish at sibei exorbitant price how?

Luckily NTUC FairPrice chop chop curry pok, fasterly pivot and make alternative arrangements to make sure that their fish supplies won’t be affected by the Jurong Fishery Port closure.

Tia gong the team at NTUC FairPrice worked from Saturday night all the way to Sunday morning to make sure any disruption to the fish supplies are kept to a minimum Good job leh!

You see you see, people NTUC FairPrice pivot, the KTV tow kays also pivot.

But where KTV tow kays pivot ah? Gahmen let you pivot to operate as Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments because don’t want your business to die but what you all do? You continue to run your lup sup KTVs ILLEGALLY and spread the COVID-19 virus around. Pivot where lah pivot? KNS sia.

Some people really don’t deserve good things and they don’t deserved to be helped at all one sia. PUI.

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