Woman dressed in branded goods couldn’t fork out money to pay for manicure, police alerted

Woman dressed in branded goods couldn’t fork out money to pay for manicure, police alerted

When someone is fully decked out in branded clothes and accessories, you would think he or she is either ah sia kia or rich man’s daughter. But never judge a book by its cover ok!

One nail parlor in Lucky Plaza just learned their lesson a hard way.

On July 4, a nail salon located on the third floor of Lucky Plaza attended to a female customer, who made an appointment by phone. According to Zaobao, the female customer was said to be in her 20s.

The person in charge of the nail salon told Zaobao that when the female customer arrived at their shop at 7pm in the evening, she was seen wearing a pair of seven-inch golden high heels, a black jacket, and she was carrying a branded bag.

At that point, everyone thought that a “VIP” had arrived. But little did they know that this seemingly rich customer was not able to fork out the payment for the service she received at the nail salon.

Initially, the female customer was chatting very happily with two of the female shop assistants who were attending to her. And when she was choosing the nail package, she also said very generously to the shop assistants that “money is not an issue, as long as my nails are done nicely”.

It was at about 11pm, when the two female shop assistants were done with the female customer’s nails. And the total price of her bill came up to $268.

During the time when the female customer was getting her nails done, she also tasked one of the shop assistants to buy her sandwiches and drinks as she was feeling hungry. The shop assistant also paid for sandwiches and drinks in advance, which costs $4.

The 37-year-old in charge said that as is it not common that their shop operates till such late hour, it therefore prompted him to check out the situation at the nail salon at home, through the closed-circuit television.

He said: “I heard her insisting on using credit cards to pay, but we already made it clear to her beforehand that we do not accept credit cards. Hence, we suggested that she use her credit card to withdraw cash to make the payment. However, she said that her credit card has been maxed out and her available credit is zero”.

Since the shop assistant was not able to receive any payment, the person in charge decided to head down to the nail salon in case anything unpleasant happen.

Female customer tried to wriggle her way out of paying

Besides insisting that her credit card has been maxed out, the female customer also allegedly said that she does not have accounts such as GrabPay, PayNow, or PayLah! as she is from Australia. She also said that she does not have Alipay.

According to Zaobao, the female customer tried calling her “friends” twice to help her with the payment, however, no one came at all.

When the police arrived, she also claimed that she could mortgage her jewelries and mobile phone in exchange for a grace period so that she can make the payment the next day, but when the person in charge agreed to her request, she changed her mind again and denied that she made such statement.

Threaten to sue shop assistant who said she’s carrying “fake” branded bag

The commotion at the nail salon apparently went on until 1am in the morning. And as both parties failed to reach an agreement, the person in charge had to let the female customer leave eventually.

The person in charge has tried calling the female customer several times, but she did not pick up any of the calls. Instead, she left a message saying that she had contacted a lawyer and she will likely be suing the shop assistant from next door who accused her of carrying a fake bag.

As of noon today, the person-in-charge has yet to receive any payment from the female customer, Zaobao reported.

A reporter has also tried contacting the said female customer but couldn’t get in touch with her as well.

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