Woman in Singapore mou twin twin tio racist attack – mata investigating

Woman in Singapore mou twin twin tio racist attack – mata investigating

Last Friday (7 May), a 55-year-old woman, who is an Indian Singaporean, was brisk walking from Choa Chu Kang MRT station towards the stadium at about 8.30am, when she became a target of racist insult and was assaulted by a man.

Lao niang read this piece of news until sibei hot and blood also boil like the mala steamboat.

The reason? Because the woman was not wearing her mask properly, so the man started to shout at her and asked her to wear her mask properly.

Despite explaining to the man that she is feeling breathless from the brisk walking, the man not only refused to listen, but he also hurled racist slurs at her. Shocked, the woman decided to walk away to avoid an argument. But the man don’t know why got very triggered leh! He apparently ran towards her and gave her a “flying kick”.

First hor, please hor, don’t call yourself a man when you hit a woman sia!

Second, the woman was EXCERCISING leh. From what lao niang understands from the current regulations is hor, walking strenuously such as brisk walking, individuals can remove their masks. But of course, must put the mask back on once they are done lah.

So lao niang don’t understand this dude trigger simi ah? Can like that mou twin twin attack people and scold people racist slurs and derogatory term one meh? You how old sia? Still haven’t grow up meh? Sibei childish.

Anyhow, a police report has been filed regarding the incident and the mata are currently investigating the case.

In case you didn’t know hor, this is not the first case of such attacks on Indians in Singapore liao. Earlier this month also got another siao lang who was caught on camera, shouting at a family of Indian expatriates and accusing them of spreading Covid-19.

With the recent occurrence of such “racism attack”, of course the Gahmen also kan jiong. Because Singapore takes our social fabric very seriously one ah, cannot tahan such horrigible behaviour one.

So serious until PM Lee posted on his Facebook regarding this incident:


Yah sia, lao niang also say.

Please ah please, the world is currently fighting against a pandemic leh. As if it’s not messed up and depressing enough. We REALLY don’t need such racist behaviour to divide us mankind even more. We should be strengthening our racial and religious harmony to fight against COVID-19.

Please ah, please. Being a degenerate to the society won’t help to cure COVID-19 or help to reduce the number of cases one leh. 醒醒吧, wake up please.

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