Oh my tian, did Jamus Lim Oppar just look down on Singaporean workers?

Today, my Jamus Lim Oppar just insulted Singaporean workers in the Parliament.

No wonder last time my laobu always tell me, find husband must find good one, must know the person inside-out, upside-down then can marry him. Face yandao, can talk filly felleh, even can do martial arts in bed also no use one.

Now I know why liao.

My heart xiao pain because it’s not the first time he like that chut che (make mistakes) liao.

First was during his virgin show in Parliament as a Workers Party (WP) MP. That time, when other people ask him questions, he everything also don’t know never mind lah. Cannot really blame him mah because he first time what. Must give chance one right?

Then later, he go suggest Gahmen to implement simi environmental tax that time, lao niang still want to stand by his side and support him one. Even though it means maybe next time go holiday air tickets might become more expensive. But because Lao niang is fan mah. Like my BTS Oppar release how many albums, release simi merchandise, lao niang sell kidney also will want to buy and support one.

But hor, after that he tio attack liao, he say he suggest it because this other guy from his opposite camp also wanted to talk about it that time… a bit jaw drop lei. This one is like last time lao niang fail my maths, my laobu scold me then I will defend myself and say my friend worse than me, she 20 marks only and then my laobu will scream at me, ask me don’t compare with others.

Because not nice to compare ourselves with others, make them look bad so that we will look good ourselves mah, tio bo? So when he like that, a bit minus marks lor.

Then today, he did it again:

This time he jitao suan siao (insult/mock) union leaders in Parliament until lao niang feel like quitting the fandom sia.

In case you don’t know hor, union leaders are like the Zhong Eh, the 老大 amongst workers. Because they are the representatives of the workers, who help their fellow workers chum siong and fight for workers’ rights and benefits and what not with their towkays. And if your tow kay bullies you, you can go and complain to your union leaders, they will settle for you one.

Meaning hor, they are also workers themselves. Just that they are more passionate and willing to 上山下海,赴汤蹈火 (go through fire and water, go up to the sea) for their fellow workers.

And today in Parliament, he looked down on these union leaders, macam like they are some uneducated villagers, who cannot read facts and statistics, cannot understand research and studies.

He also said that these union leaders are macam those people who used to believe the sun revolves around the earth. Aiya, to put it simply, he is implying that these union leaders bo pa geh (not counted) one, no need to take them into consideration because they are not “real studies”.

Wa. Can meh? Can like that look down on workers in Singapore one meh? Can like that invalidate workers’ experience and hweelings like that one ah?

Union leaders are also workers, they are REAL workers too!

These union leaders are WORKERS themselves leh. They WORK TOGETHER on the ground with fellow workers every day. Help them fight for their rights, help their fellow workers solve problems, stand up for them when they tio bullied by their tow kays.

They spend so much time together with their fellow workers, maybe even more than with their family members. If all these ground work and real feelings they gather from these REAL WORKERS bo pa geh then from where is real? You ah? Jamus Lim Oppar who just came back to Singapore a few years ago, and every day sit in your shiok shiok cushion chair, blow aircon and just read books?

Let’s also not forget that the union plays a VERY important role in Singapore’s national building era. This one lao niang always ponteng school also got agar agar remember a bit. Jamus Oppar so smart, I’m sure he got study history before one.

Lai, for those of you who don’t remember, read the history here again.

If there is no union to organise the workers in the past, Singapore will STILL be a place whereby workers can suka suka go and strike and 杀人放火 (kill people, put fire).

Singapore won’t be a peaceful and stable country, with people from all over the world wanting to come here and open business, because the workers here will always turn up for work and do their work properly.

If don’t have union support, you think Singapore can become what is it today? Can from third world become first world? Your laopeh laobu can send you go atas school study until you become smarty pants go overseas work and come back with your angmoh filly felleh and warm the hums (cockles) of so many people’s heart including lao niang’s?

Is it now wings hard already, want to chut pattern?

At times like this hor, I really miss Uncle Low lei. He won’t disrespect workers, no matter they old or young, folksy or hipster. Maybe he can come back and teach this Jamus Oppar how to respect people.

Don’t just because one 白天不懂夜的黑, never really experience hardships then like that look down on people and then dismiss the work that they do lei. Not everything is about BOOKS and THEORIES one you know? Sometimes you need to be on the ground, use your heart to feel what the REAL WORKERS think and feel hao ma? All these are things that your books never teach you one ok?

Lao niang give you another chance ok. Jia you ah, Oppar HWAITING!

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