Robots will soon be deployed. Will cleaning uncles and aunties be out of job soon?


Six cleaning partners will deploy robots with ‘warm’ personalities by Mar 2020, LionsBot International said during the production launch of its robots in Singapore on 17 Jul.

Companies who are keen to use the robots will soon be able to rent them from LionsBot, without having to invest in ownership and maintenance. Cleaning companies and building owner who wish to rent LionsBot cleaning robots can do so at a monthly fee ranging from S$1,350 to S$2,150.

According to LionsBot, its robots use up to 70% lesser water than existing cleaning solutions and can work together as a team. They can coordinate and clean a specific area at the same time without any human programming.

They are also able to wink at passers-by and make jokes should they hinder their cleaning duties, LionBot added.

By scanning the robot’s QR code, member of the public will also be able to interact with the bots with questions such as “What is your name?” or “What type of cleaning do you perform?”.

There are 13 different models of the robot.

The LeoBot Family series droids are designed to have a tight turning radius to navigate obstacles to clean narrow spaces. On the other hand, robots from the LeoPod Family series are built to clean open spaces with fewer obstacles like shopping mall atriums.

Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon commended that such technology has vast potential to raise productivity and that the Government will continue to support the usage of robotics solutions across different industries.

Instead of displacing the cleaning staff from their jobs, Dr Koh reassured that the robots can help ease the workload of cleaning staff and free up time for them to do higher value-added duties such as supervision.

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