$9 million worth of transport vouchers will be available to 300,000 low income households.

$9 million worth of transport vouchers will be available to 300,000 low income households. This is to help these households cope with the latest fare increases by the Public Transport Council.

This is the largest Public Transport Vouchers assistance since 2010. S$7.5 million and S$4 million worth of Transport Vouchers were made available in 2014/2015 and 2011 respectively. No vouchers were given in other years as there were no fare hikes.

The Ministry of Transport and People’s Association said in a joint media release on Tuesday (Oct 30) that the Government will draw the latest S$9 million from the Public Transport Fund for this round of handouts.

Each voucher is worth S$30, and may be used to buy or top up fare cards, or buy monthly concession passes.

The PTC announced on Tuesday that from Dec 29, adults taking buses and MRT trains will have to pay six cents more for card fares, while single trip on trains and cash fares for buses will cost 10 cents more.

Students and senior citizens will pay up to one cent more in card fares for both forms of transport.

The price hike was announced after it concluded its fare review exercise for the year, with the fare changes amounting to an overall 4.3 per cent increase.

There will be no changes to the cash fares for students and senior citizens, or prices of monthly concession passes.

Needy households may apply for the vouchers at their neighbourhood community centres and clubs (CCs) from Nov 12 this year till Oct 31 next year.

Each successful household applicant is entitled to one voucher, and those that need more help may apply for extra vouchers through the CCs.

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