Some Singaporean devastated by a 2,280 seconds of power outage on Tuesday (Sept 18) morning!


A power outage that affected 150,000 residential and commercial unit island wide, left some Singaporean devastated in disbelief that such “disaster” can happen in Singapore.

According to a report by The Straits Time, some affected Singaporean were surprised that a power disruption on such a scale could happen here, and questioned SP’s response.

The Singapore Power (SP) disruption started at 1.18 am on Tuesday morning and power supply was restored by 1.56am, a 38 minutes (2,280 seconds) long power outage.

SP Group posted an update on their Facebook page 15 minutes after the unfortunate incident and the post was flooded with almost 900 comments and 1.1k shares within 30 minutes of the post, despite it was 2am in the morning.

As the SP Group Hotline was overwhelmed by affected residents, many others were forced to call the Police and Medical emergency hotline for “help”!

The Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force had to post on their Facebook at around 2.45am that their emergency services were operating normally and advised the public to contact them on 999 and 995 respectively only for emergencies.


Many Singaporean kept their bargaining spirit strong during the blackout and started planning their demand for rebate and discount.

While the politically aware group took the opportunity to hantam the ministers.


And of course how can we sleep without aircon in a first world country.


The 2,280 seconds power outage disaster in Singapore happened just one day after Typhoon Mangkhut smashed through Philippines, Hong Kong, and southern China which caused hundreds of casualties and millions had to evacuate from their homes.

While some still live in disbelief, most Singaporean were appreciative of how the workers’ of SP group  who had to attend to the “disaster” in the early morning when most of us were already in deep sleep dreaming of our next shopping trip to Hong Kong…..after they cleaned up the damages by Typhoon Mangkhut.

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