Parliament to be dissolved within 730 days!

Parliament to be dissolved within 730 days!

General Election 2015 was held on September 11, exactly 3 years ago. Under the constitution, the maximum term of a Singapore parliament is five years, within which it must be dissolved by the President and elections held within three months. This means that the current parliament need to be dissolved in the next 730 days.

The 2015 General Election was Singapore’s first General Election without our Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was also the first General Election since Singapore’s independence which saw all seats contested.

Out of 89 seats, the People’s Action Party (PAP) contested all and won 83, with the other 6 seats won by The Workers’ Party of Singapore (WP). The single seat from Punggol East Single Member Constituency was the only seat to change hands.

Days toward 2015 General Election, bookies in Singapore were expecting the PAP to lose another GRC to the WP, however the result turns out otherwise with the PAP securing its best results since 2001 with 69.86% of the popular vote without losing another GRC to the WP.

WP on the other hand almost lost Aljunied GRC with a marginal win of 2,626 votes, a swing of 3.77% against them.

WP heavyweights Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Chen Show Mao lost their wards to their PAP counterparts but big wins from Mr Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap’s  and Mr Pritam Singh’s wards managed to tip the GRC over to the WP.

This could be reason why Mr Pritam Singh was appointed as the Secretary- General of The Workers Party in April this year.

It would be interesting to see how Mr Singh lead The Workers Party in the next General Election as its Secretary-General. Will he helps WP win another GRC or will Aljunied GRC be lost under his leadership?

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