Man gets duped of his eScooter on Carousell

The following is a sibeh loh sor story about how a man so kindly offered his eScooter on instalment to a young boy on Carousell. All he asked for was a MacBook (which turned out to be broken and worthless) and his + his parents IC as collateral.

The exchange is 36 screenshots long and is damn long winded, but here’s a summary:

  • Buyer contacted seller asking if he can an eScooter on installment
  • Seller says no.
  • Buyer keeps begging for it and offers his MacBook and IC as collateral
  • After long winded exchange, Seller agrees.
  • They meet to do the sale.
  • Seller discovers MacBook is broken. Buyer “feels bad” about it and offers to pay for eScooter at original price.
  • Many, many screenshots later… Buyer gives excuses after excuses, end of the story… he didn’t make payment and tries to act all pitiful and dramatic.

This is the Dualtron Ultra V2. The original price is between $3500 to $4000. The poor Seller technically only has several hundred dollars because he trusted this Buyer.

When it comes to the internet, don’t trust anybody no matter what they say.

How much trouble can Brian Teo get into?

In a civil suit, the law can demand the buyer make full payment for the scooter, together with legal costs. Or at least get the scooter returned. If this was a police case, then it could be construed as cheating because Brian appears to know that the laptop is worth little. It also appears that Brian did not intend to pay.

Brian had gone around to ask other people about instalment plans too. But others were smarter, like this seller here:

This seller is smart. Be like this seller.

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading all 36 screen captures here it is. Warning though, it is really damn lor-sor.

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