4-yr-old girl fell four storeys from HDB flat; seriously injured but did not hurt her head

A four-year-old Filipino girl, Saachi Hailey Unique Cruz, survived a four storey fall from a HDB flat in Tampines last week.

The girl’s mother, 24-year-old Jenica Julien Santelices, said her mother and her daughter flew over from the Philippines to Singapore on April 1 for a holiday.

On Friday night, the grandmother went to the market to buy food and left the four-year-old alone in the HDB flat.

When she returned home after 20 minutes, she saw police officers below the block and could not find her granddaughter in the house.

She found out that the window was open and quickly went down to check what happened.

That was when she found Sachi on the ground, surrounded by the police and bystanders.

Before the grandmother left the house, the gate and windows were closed.

Ms Santelices who has been working as a customer service officer in a restaurant here said it was miraculous that her daughter did not hurt her head.

However, the girl fractured her spine and shoulder. She also suffered internal bleeding in her lungs and liver.

According to Ms Santelices, her daughter’s internal bleeding has stopped and the family is waiting for MRI this Friday to find out if her daughter requires an operation.

The family has successfully raised $20,000 of donations on Youcaring.com to cover the cost of the hefty medical bills.

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