Bubble tea turned out to be Lizard tea in KL

A Malaysian netizen posted his scary encounter with a drink he ordered, on his Facebook.

2 days ago (10 February), he ordered a cup of large classic roasted milk tea with pearl from a Tealive outlet at Bukit Jalil.

bubble tea
(Credit: Hasler Hoho, Facebook)

Halfway through his drink, there was a weird feeling in his mouth. There was something else in his mouth which didn’t feel like a pearl, which are usually round.

“Pearl shud be round in shape, so i took it out with my finger and it happens to be a fully formed baby lizard!!😱😣

He apparently spat out all the pearls in his mouth and realised that the baby lizard had a missing tail.

He lodged a complaint with the outlet and said their HQ is aware about the matter.

Not say Limpeh want to say, but next time be careful when you drink lah. And also to the staff at the bubble tea shop, next time make drinks must be careful can?

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