Kazu Sushi Grill Sake opens at Marina One: Authentic Japanese Restaurant with Robata Grill, Omakase and Donburi!


Brand-new Kazu Sushi Grill Sake has arrived at Marina One, showcasing the best of Japanese cuisine with their skilled specialties in sushi, robata grill, omakase, and donburi.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Kazu Sushi Grill Sake, showcasing the best of Japanese cuisine with their skilled specialties in omakase, robata grill, sushi, and donburi

Helmed by head chefs, Chef Ichimaya and Chef Imai, Kazu Sushi Grill Sake’s kitchen is led by the best. Chef Ichimaya has served at Sushi Kyubei for 10 years, and Sushi Kaishin for 3 and a half years. On top of that, he has served for many years in top Japanese restaurants. Chef Imai cooked at the Embassy of Japan, serving many presidents, kings and queens, dignitaries and politicians from all over the world.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Range of Premium Sushi and Sashimi by Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake showcases an extensive range of premium sushi and sashimi. Great sushi rice is one of the most important elements of delicious sushi, and at Kazu, only top-quality sushi rice is used. Koshihikari rice, one of the most popular premium rice varieties, is organically grown and imported from Nagano. This is cooked in Hokkaido Daisetsuzan Natural Water, and seasoned with a deep and flavorful Akasu vinegar. For the best quality of ingredients, seafood and vegetables are flown in directly from Japan three times a week.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Assorted Special Sushi by Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

Diners may enjoy fresh catch of the day prepared as sushi or sashimi, flown straight from Hokkaido. Indulge in the freshness, with sushi and sashimi sets, or donburi sets available for both lunch and dinner. For your next mid-day treat, the sumptuous lunch bento sets start from $25.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Today’s Seafood Bento by Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

Go on a gastronomic journey with an omakase dinner, and enjoy the chef’s specially curated menu. Omakase, when loosely translated, means “I entrust to you.” Here, put your trust in the chef to pay close attention to your dietary preferences and budget, in the creation of an exquisite customised dinner menu.  This personalised culinary adventure starts from an affordable $80++.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Gintara Teriyaki Bento by Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Wagyu Oumi Bento by Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

Some specialty dishes on the ala-carte dinner menu include:

Omi Beef Tataki with Ponzu Jelly: Tender Grade A4 Omi Wagyu beef from Shiga Prefecture that melts in your mouth, complemented with an added zest from the Ponzu Jelly.

King Crab Tempura: Crisp-fried tempura with Kazu Sushi Grill Sake’s Doctor Fryer, with 50% less oil than regular deep-fried items, for a healthier meal. King Crab may also be enjoyed traditional Robata Grill-style, where fresh king crab is slow-grilled over hot charcoal to add a smoky fragrance to the sweetness of the crab.

Uni Ikura Rice: Treat yourselves to a bowl of sweet inguldence, with rice uni and bright, plump ikura (salmon roe) atop fresh rice.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake
Wasabi Mocha by Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

End your meal on a sweet note with traditional Japanese desserts such as warabi mochi, or the ever-popular Matcha, Black Sesame, or Azuki ice-cream. Witness the spirit of traditional sushi at Kazu, and enjoy a truly authentic Japanese dining experience.


Kazu Sushi Grill Sake

Address: 5 Straits View, Marina One The Heart ,#01-14 Singapore 018935

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2pm, 5 – 10pm daily

Reservations: 6282 8141

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