28-yr-old model did not die after singing a high note in KTV, her parents clarified

28-yr-old model did not die after singing a high note in KTV, her parents clarified

By now, you might have heard that Ms Karen Stella Wong, a 28-year-old freelance model, has died after a karaoke session with her friends.

The Straits Times reported that she suddenly felt numbness in half her body and developed a headache when she was singing.

She then slipped into a coma after being admitted to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and passed away three days later.

Her father Laurence Wong told The Straits Times that his daughter died of acute intracerebral haemorrhage (bleeding in the skull).

It was difficult for the family to accept this piece of tragic news as Ms Wong was the only child and was like a sister to her mother.

According to Mr Wong, his daughter also did not give him much problems.

Mainstream media Lianhe Zaobao and The Straits Times reported on this news but Zaobao’s inaccurate headline made it more difficult for the parents to mourn in peace.

Zaobao reported that Ms Wong died after singing a high note during the karaoke session.

The headline is not accurate and has caused distress to the family of the deceased.

Mr Wong clarified in a Facebook post, via the account of an individual named Fiona, that his daughter did not die after singing in a high-pitched voice and he had only spoken to one ST journalist.

The father of the deceased said that his daughter was out with her friends singing karaoke when she suddenly felt numbness in her body and asked to be sent to the hospital.

After she was wheeled into A&E, she slipped into a coma and was on life support. Ms Wong suffered a blood vessel rupture in her brain and it led to a stroke.

Mr and Mrs Wong decided that it was better to take their daughter off life support and let her go as an operation might cause death or immobility for the rest of her life.

The family expressed gratitude to those who gave them comfort and support but has also asked for respect and for speculations to stop.

They also said no one has the right to contact Facebook to memoralise their daughter’s Facebook account.

Full statement by the parents of the deceased:

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