Gong Cha Gone…Say LiHO Boh!

LiHO: Gong Simi!


Popular bubble tea franchise Gong Cha is going to be replaced. In its place, will be bubble tea outlets under the LiHO brand.

All the Hokkien brothers will be happy to know that the brand is actually Hokkien for “How are you?

Owner Rodney Tang

By 5 June 2017, all the 80 Gong Cha outlets will be gong gone, and replaced with LiHO.

And Singaporeans should be proud because LiHO is owned by RTG Holdings, a local company. In 2009, RTG introduced Gong Cha to Singapore and today brings in $30 million in revenue yearly.

Besides the name change, the menu will also be changed. Its new Cheese Teas and Smoothies will be the iconic drink on its new menu.

Not sure if its just me. But cheese in tea? Might be too cheesy for me. But try already let me know how it taste!

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