Hong Lim Beer Lady says it’s tiring to operate beer stall, switches job to become an “influencer”

Hong Lim Beer Lady says it’s tiring to operate beer stall, switches job to become an “influencer”

News has it that the legendary braless beer lady at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre is going to retire and quit selling beer at her beer stall because it has become too tiring for her. Instead, she will be focusing her career as an influencer!

Known as Yumi, this Vietnamese sexy lady gained fame after videos of her working in sexy outfits were seen circulating online.

Her super “cooling” outfit also attracted a lot of customers and a lot of controversies.

Braless beer lady at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre sparks debate

Yumi revealed it has been a habit since she was a child that she had liked to wear sexy clothes because it made her feel more comfortable. Yumi also believed that it is her friendly attitude that attracts customers.

Saying goodbye to Hong Lim Market

As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. After operating her beer stall for more than a year, Yumi has since decided to close the stall and move away from the hawker center.

When a Zaobao reporter visited her on 2 December, Yumi was reportedly packing up the remaining items in her stall.

Yumi said that in the past, she did everything on her own, and the long working hours tires her out, so, she had decided to shut down her business.

“I think I will miss the other hawkers here and the delicious food they cook the most,” said Yumi.

After shutting down her beer stall, Yumi revealed that she would focus on making videos and becoming an influencer, “I like to shoot videos that are related to food and scenic spots. I don’t think I will be selling alcohol in the future, but I will still be selling cashew nuts online.”

Hong Lim Braless Beer Lady ventures into new business liao!

If anything hor, this Vietnamese lady tells us that we must always have alternative plans and we must always prepare for uncertainty, and it is better to have more than one 一技之长 (specialized skill).

Gone are the days where we only stick to one job and work there until we retire. Now with all the technological advancement, if we don’t constantly go and upskill and learn new things, we are bound to get axed and lose jobs one.

So hor, if you suddenly also feel sibei inspired by this Yumi jie jie and suddenly think you also need a new skill for you to feel alive and useful again, you can start investing in yourself using the NTUC LearningHub Learning eXperience Platform (LXP) app.

According to DPM Heng Swee Keat, he say this is the “Netflix of Learning” wor.

DPM Heng Swee Keat just intro this new Learning Platform that’s macam the “Netflix of Learning”!

We always hiam and complain say no time to study, very hard to focus right? Now all the courses provided on this LXP app are in bite-sized and modular form, and you can just use your mobile phone! So convenient!

As of today, the LHUB LXP app provides over 75,000 courses across 60 categories.

Non-NTUC members may access the courses at $10/month, while NTUC members need only pay half the price at $5/month (Course fees are charged on an annual basis).

You can also use your SkillsFuture Credit to offset the subscription fee, lagi best!

And lastly, let’s all give our best to Yumi jie jie. Hope you become big red big purple as an influencer!

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