Braless beer lady at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre sparks debate

Braless beer lady at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre sparks debate

Never wear bra, wear sibei fitting and short shorts, this beer lady not only attracted lots of customers but also stirred controversy.

According to Zaobao, videos of this said beer lady were seen circulating online. Apparently, the lady is working as a beer lady in Hong Lim Market and Food Centre and was seen dressed in super “cooling” outfit every day – sometimes she will even go braless.

In one of the videos, the beer lady was seen wearing a black long-sleeve top which revealed half her neh neh, while in the other video, she was in a pinkish top and her boobs maciam playing hide-and-seek – sometimes can see, sometimes cannot see.

According to the reporter who visited the store on Dec 7 at 8pm, most of the vendors in the hawker center have closed their stalls. Only the beverage stall ran by the beer lady is operating with massive crowd and lots of customers patronizing the stall.

The beer lady was seen in a fluorescent greenish crop top and tight denim trousers yesterday, which highlighted her exquisite figure. As the reporter took a closer look, the beer lady was indeed braless. Despite so, she kept her composure and did not appear shy at all.

Unsurprisingly, the tables in front of the beer lady’s stall were full of customers. There were more than 30 customers, but no more than 5 people per table. For the customers who were not able to get a “good seat”, they had no choice but to sit behind or away from the stall.

One particular customer known as Mr. Jian, who is a 66-years-old retiree, revealed that he came to patronise the stall with a few other friends out of curiosity. According to him, the beverage stall which operates from 4.30pm to 10.30 pm daily is full of people every day.

He said, “It’s my first time here. Besides alcohol, they also sell sugarcane juice here. Although the price of beer is more expensive than normal coffee shops, but the guests are here to meet the lady boss”.

According to observations, the customers patronizing the beverage stall will have more than 5 bottles of beer on the table and they would sit at their table for hours. In addition to drinking and chatting with their companions, they would also chit-chat with the beer lady from time to time.

Beer lady like to wear revealing outfits since young

Known as Yumi, the beer lady when interviewed said that she’s from Vietnam. She started working at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre in August this year. She also revealed that the videos circulating on the Internet were shot and uploaded to social media by herself.

“I like wearing sexy clothes since I was a child. It is not to show off my figure, I just feel comfortable when I am dressed this way.”

Yumi is also a YouTuber who owns her own YouTube channel. You can check out one of her videos which she has uploaded recently below:

You see you see? Besides being a beer lady, Yumi also pick up new skills and is a YouTuber wor. Who knows, if she decides not to sell beer anymore, she can become full-time YouTuber and earn her own keep!

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