Yishun sunglass auntie arrested and she could be fined up to $1000

Yishun sunglass auntie arrested and she could be fined up to $1000

A 63-year-old Mdm Tan (also known as Sunglass auntie) has been arrested on Saturday (May 27, 2017) by the Police at around Yishun Central.

The Police has confirmed the 63-year-old auntie has been arrested under Public Order and Nuisance Act.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Any person who commits any of the following offences shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000

Will this be an end of this Yishun episode? #MakeYishunGreatAgain

Let’s hope for the best for Lee’s family.

Yishun residents at Block 112 Yishun Ring Road been living very stressfully, they are at their wits’ end after being harassed by the sunglass auntie for over a year, with one family going as far as to build a “wall” barbed with cacti on the common corridor for protection.

but was later asked to remove by the Town Council as it is a fire hazard.

Lianhe Zaobao reported that for 2 years, 2 neighbours have to put up with another female neighbour, nicknamed “Sunglasses Auntie” who has always been captured by CCTV wearing sunglasses and a mask.

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