Man kena smashed by coffee cup after refusing to buy keychains from tattoo guy


A man allegedly kena attacked by someone who tried to sell him keychains when he was eating in a restaurant in Geylang. After rejecting the person a few times, the man reportedly was suan-ed by the person, “No money still want to eat good food”. This then led to a fight between the two parties. The man then got smashed by a coffee cup had to be sent to a hospital. He also received 3 stitches on his forehead.

The incident took place at about 10.45pm last Saturday (22 April) at the famous Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow, reported Zaobao.

Mr Cai, a 39 years old, administrative staff told the reporter in an interview that a young man with a tattoo on his left arm came up to him and tried to sell him some keychains.

“He was holding a signage filled with words, but he is not deaf. Hence, I suspected that he is a scammer, so I politely refused to buy it,” said Mr Cai.

According to Mr Cai, the man did not leave after the rejection, but he continued to try to sell the keychains. Mr Cai then told the man that he don’t have money in hopes that the man would leave so that he can continue to eat in peace.

But instead, Mr Cai was kena suan-ed by the man who said “No money still eat good food” before walking away. “After I heard it, I immediately asked him what did he just said. The guy also came back to confront me.”

Mr Cai also added that the man also kept swearing at him with foul language, and he was so angry that he had an argument with him and told him to leave so that he could continue to eat.

Just then, another man suddenly appeared behind Mr Cai with a coffee cup. The man allegedly walked quickly over to Mr Cai and hit him on the head, injuring his right forehead on the spot which bleed profusely.

“I felt dizzy after being hit by the cup. I only vaguely remember someone helping me sit on a chair, and then someone helped to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital,” said Mr Cai.

According to Mr Cai, he received three stitches at the hospital and was given two days of sick leave. Up till today, Mr Cai said that his head still hurts, and he has no appetite.

“The doctor told me to go back for a follow-up visit in a week. If my head still hurts, I need to take an X-ray to check if there is any clotted blood,” he added.

Mr Cai also told the report that after he was discharged from the hospital that night, he reported the case online, and he was also asked to go to the police station to record a statement later.

“I hope that these two men can be arrested as soon as possible, and I also hope that those who have information about them can provide details to the police,” said Mr Cai.

Man allegedly shouted: Don’t mess with my brother!

The man involved reportedly was heard shouting “Don’t mess with my brother!” before he attacked Mr Cai with a coffee cup.

Mr Cai said that the man who was selling the keychains was about 180cm tall and he appeared to be very healthy and not disabled, so he did not rule out the possibility that the man was out to cheat.

“As for the man who hit me on the head with a cup, he was about 165cm tall. I did not get to see his appearance clearly and whether or not he had tattoos,” he said.

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Mr Cai said the two were believed to know each other because the man involved referred to the man selling the keychains as his “brother”.

Two men involved fled after the incident

Owner of Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow told the reporter that the two men ran away afterwards, and he did not know either of them.

An employee who did not want to be named revealed that from time to time, people would come to sell things at the place, and they would not turn them away, but the two men were unfamiliar faces.

“We were very busy at the time, and we didn’t pay attention to it until after the incident, some customers helped the injured, while the two perpetrators fled without a trace before the police arrived. We have not seen them again since the incident,” the employee added.

The employee also said that there while there was no loss of property in the store during the process, there was no CCTV installed, which made it impossible to provide the police with details and information regarding the situation at that time.

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