5 social skills you need to master to stand out as an intern


Being an intern can be sibeh tough. Faced with the daunting pressures of trying to impress your boss and colleagues, sometimes it might make you feel a little lost. But don’t worry, Kakak got your back. Here are some tips on how to stand out as an intern if you want to increase your chances of securing a full-time job: 

Chiong (Work Hard)

Don’t be kiasu (afraid to lose) and just sit there sipping your kopi (coffee). Show your boss that you got what it takes to succeed by working hard and completing your tasks efficiently. Don’t say “Can’t do lah”, instead, ask for help and learn from your mistakes. By doing so, you can show that you have the tenacity and determination to succeed.

Pro-tip: Prove your worth by delivering your work on time or even earlier. Show your boss that you are reliable and committed to your work.

Be Humble

No need to act like you know everything, hor. Be humble and open to feedback and suggestions from your boss and colleagues. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Be willing to learn and improve, and show your colleagues that you value their insights.

Pro-tip: Show your willingness to learn by actively seeking feedback on your work and implementing suggestions from your colleagues.


Don’t just chup (sit) at your desk, go out and mingle with your colleagues. Attend company events, ask to join meetings and show your interest in the company culture. Make sure you connect with your colleagues on LinkedIn and keep in touch after your internship ends.

Pro-tip: Attend networking events and connect with professionals in your field. Building your network can lead to potential job opportunities in the future.

Be a team player

Don’t be a lone ranger, be a team player. Work with your colleagues to achieve the team’s goals. Help your colleagues when they need it, and don’t hesitate to offer assistance if you see someone struggling. By doing so, you can show that you are a valuable team member.

Pro-tip: Collaborate with your colleagues on projects and tasks. Demonstrate your ability to work well with others and contribute to the team’s success.

Be Positive

No need to be sian (bored) and negative all the time. Show your positive attitude and energy in your work. A good attitude can be contagious and can create a positive work environment. So, keep smiling and keep up the good vibes!

Pro-tip: Maintain a positive attitude even during stressful or challenging situations. Show your resilience and ability to stay motivated in the face of adversity.

In summary, to stand out as an intern, you need to chiong, be humble, network, be a team player and be positive. By following these tips, you can show your boss and colleagues that you got what it takes to succeed in your career. Don’t forget to jio (invite) your colleagues for kopi or lunch to build stronger relationships! 

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