Poor Eason Chan leh, he’s only left with SG$5.2 million in his bank 😱

Poor Eason Chan leh, he’s only left with SG$5.2 million in his bank 😱

In this world hor, there are poor people, and there are “poor” people. In a recent livestream, Eason Chan triggered surprised his viewers with a shocking confession regarding his personal finances.

Out of work for a year, Eason Chan was left with ONLY SG$5.2 million in his bank.

In the livestream, Eason share that he has been out of work for a year because of the pandemic. Apparently his income for 2020 was almost zero. He also say that his bank balance has dropped to a “low” of SG$5.2 million – making him panicked and stressed. I mean, COST of living IS high in Hong Kong (yes, higher than in Singapore), but you still have CHOICE of living mah i.e. how you choose to live your life.

Maybe a celebrity like Eason being left with $5 million is like you and me being left with $50 lor. Errr you see, his housing payments cost about SG$100,000 monthly. Eason Chan also shared in an interview before that his family’s monthly daily expenses are very, very high. Got report say that his daughter’s shoes cost more than $4,200?! Everywhere in the world people are panicking about costs of living, Eason is crying about his bank balance being left with $5.2 million.  You see, celebrity or not, there are also choices that can help us save money right? $4,000 designer shoes vs Bata / Taobao shoes, $15 atas Broccolini or $2 FairPrice Caixin (still got discount and Linkpoints)… You get the idea. CHOICE of living. Can choose one…

Wah, shopaholic sia…

Anyway this Eason Chan, if he is looking for pity, he confirm won’t get much la. In fact, him talking about his “pathetic” financial situation made many netizens angry. After his livestream, Eason was criticised by viewers for “wanting too much”.

“Cry father cry mother about $5.2 million left in the bank account?? A bit ridiculous leh.”

“This amount many of us can only dream of accumulating in many lifetimes!”

Aiya but Eason will soon make back the money soon cos hearsay his annual concert revenue is more than SGD20 million… Remember he was ranked sixth in the 2013 Forbes China Celebrity Top 100 List? His copyright income for his super popular music should also be quite good mah. SG$5.2 million in bank account for now? OK de. Jiayou, Eason.


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