Giant announce they are dropping egg prices after NTUC FairPrice & Sheng Siong lowered theirs!


Egg-cellent! This is egg-citing news and also win-win situation for consumers like us!

Just only yesterday we were still wondering if other supermarkets will also follow and drop the prices of their eggs after NTUC FairPrice announced that they will be offering their Pasar Fresh Eggs at a discounted price of $6.95 for a tray of 30 eggs.

Don’t say bo jio: NTUC FairPrice offering 30 Pasar eggs at a cheaper price till next Wednesday!


Later, tia gong Sheng Siong joined the party and lowered the price of their eggs.

Today, lao niang woke up to a news report from The Straits Times that Giant will be dropping the price of their Giant Farm Fresh Eggs from today (21 April) until Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 3 May.

One tray of their 30 eggs will cost $6.50, a $1 drop from the original $7.50. Like NTUC FairPrice, they also limit the purchase, so one customer can only buy two trays of eggs.

In a statement, Giant said that “Despite rising commodity and supplier cost pressures, as well as price fluctuations due to the ongoing pandemic and global conflicts, Giant remains committed in supporting Singaporeans through these challenging times”.

Win-win situation for Singaporeans

Don’t know is it because Giant suddenly FOMO or what, see other people drop the price, they also want to drop the price. But either way hor, this kind of situation is very good for Singaporeans, especially egg lovers lah!

In case you can’t see it, what NTUC FairPrice is doing here is: they are acting as a price benchmark for the other supermarkets. They drop the price of their eggs first, then other supermarkets see liao also monkey see monkey do because don’t want to lose mah.

But is logic also lah. If you run a business, you will want to be competitive because you want to earn money mah. Bo ko leng you see your competitors all drop price you still don’t drop price meh. Logic you know, logic!

So, this is actually good for consumers like us, when businesses all start to lower the prices of their eggs to win over their competitors.

Reason for the increase in egg prices

According to reports, egg prices have risen of late because of a few reasons, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war.

The Ukraine war because Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of food grain, so now the eggs lagi is more expensive now because it’s the main ingredient to feed chickens mah.

And recently, got this outbreak of a new disease at the local farms call this Newcastle disease. You can think of it as the Chicken 界 (world)’s Covid-19. It is a contagious and fatal disease that afflicts mainly poultry, leading to a temporary drop in local egg production.

So hor all of you who keep complaining about the eggs very small lah this and that de – please hor, the HENS ARE SICK!

I’m sure you also don’t like it when your towkay complain you or suan you say your work output very low when you are sick, tio bo?

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