Don’t say bo jio: NTUC FairPrice offering 30 Pasar eggs at a cheaper price till next Wednesday!

Don’t say bo jio: NTUC FairPrice offering 30 Pasar eggs at a cheaper price till next Wednesday!

Eggs are getting more and more expensive sia. Every time lao niang cook Maggie Mee also must think twice before cracking an egg into my Maggie Mee. Sibei sad.

Last heard the price of 30 eggs sold at most supermarkets is $7.50 leh. Can meh???

But tia gong NTUC FairPrice will offer a 55 cent discount on its housebrand eggs, Pasar eggs, for a week!

According to Zaobao, starting from today (20 April) till next Wednesday (27 April), NTUC FairPrice will be offering their Pasar Fresh Eggs at a discounted price of $6.95 for a tray of 30 eggs.

This offer will hold while stocks last and will be available across all FairPrice supermarket retail formats, including FairPrice Online.

Got Picture Got Talk ah, help you all check liao – Really is $6.95!

During this one-week promotion, customers can only purchase up to two trays of 30 eggs per person.

FairPrice Group’s Chief Purchasing Officer Tng Ah Yiam said: “FairPrice strives to provide good value through various ways, including special discounts for products, where possible. And in this case, for this promotion, NTUC FairPrice will be absorbing the rising cost of the eggs ourselves.”

He added that the decision to absorb the increased cost of the eggs for Pasar Fresh Eggs has not been easy too, because they are also struggling with the rising costs of goods, labour, and logistics.

He pointed out that the recent outbreak of various global events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war, has disrupted the economy and led to rising egg prices. Hens at local farms have also been struck by Newcastle disease, a contagious and fatal disease that afflicts mainly poultry, leading to a temporary drop in local egg production.

Currently, NTUC FairPrice offers eggs that are imported from multiple origins such as Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and Poland, and it will continue to diversify its sources of eggs to ensure continued availability.

Assuring Singaporeans, the FairPrice Group’s Chief Purchasing Officer also said: “We also assure the public that there is no shortage of eggs as we import from many different sources to ensure that we are not reliant only on a single source of supply.”

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, NTUC FairPrice Group CEO Seah Kian Peng also said that the supermarket will do its part to help address some of these cost of living issues particularly for basic essential items.


Don’t say bo jio ah, faster go and get your eggs now!

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