What does football and Singaporean Core have in common?

What does football and Singaporean Core have in common?

Hello, uolls! How are you, my dear adik-adik and friends?

I want to share something with you.

Last weekend, Kakak and family went to the beach.

I thought good time to reconnect with Abang. But before I could manja with him, your Abang took out his iPad. He said want to watch football!

Omona! I asked him how he could prefer to watch 22 men chase one ball over me?

“This one classic game. My favorite team, you know! Leicester City!”

I asked him, how come you don’t choose better teams like Man U, Liverpool, or Arsenal! Leicester City, got fans meh?

“You say Leicester City is not good? You’re wrong! They may not be Top 6, but they won the EPL title in 2016 against all odds. “

Die liao, Abang triggered.

“Leicester City played to their strength – they have a quick center-forward – who is one of the best finishers in English football. With someone who can score goals, you always have a good chance of winning football matches. Leicester City invested huge investments in the club’s infrastructure and backroom staff – the developmental coaches. They have a strong youth development, a state-of-the-art academy, and a training facility. They build from the back – a good defense, a capable midfield. This team is not made up of stars. Just hardworking, capable players.”

To be honest, Kakak want to say so many other things but I malas, scared he triggered some more. So I just nodded and watched my Netflix.

By now, you must be wondering, what is the point of this post?

Just now, Kakak was cooking Asam Pedas and listening to the Parliament Sitting today.

Then got this one, Abang…NMP Abdul Samad. I remember him because I saw his speech about workers and unions one time. He was like got fired up, and he ROAAARREED all the words out!

Anyway, back to his debate speech on the budget statement, Mr. Abdul Samad said-

“As the Covid situation improves and borders are slowly opening, companies should not be taking the easy way out by bringing back foreign labor as a quick fix solution. Companies should continue to invest in technology and automation for work processes to be easier, safer, and smarter. I understand that there are some jobs that need to be supplemented by foreign labor, but we should build on the momentum to train and transform our Singaporean workforce.

Strengthening our Singaporean core applies to workers of all levels, including our Professionals Managers Executives, in short PMEs. The demands for good, highly skilled jobs which attract PMEs are also growing, and this provides opportunities for localization of jobs and career development.

Companies should not take advantage of the recovering economy to bring in foreign talents but instead put in place a career development plan for their Singaporean workers to take on these jobs and grow their careers.

While we could continue to embark on the transformation journey, together with enhancing foreign manpower and companies’ policies, we acknowledge that it is important for us to keep up with the demands of the evolving job market, and companies need to invest in training to build deep capabilities in our local workforce as well as capacity planning of the workforce.

NTUC is here to support companies to form CTCs, and through the Training and Placement ecosystem, it provides support for business strategy planning, job redesign, and workforce training. Together with the strong support of the government, we will continue to walk this journey with you, raise local workforce capabilities through upskilling and reskilling, most importantly building the pipeline of local talents for the future.”

Kakak clap hands uolls because I wholeheartedly agree with what he said.

Like Abang said, Leceister City’s success did not come overnight, but through many years of planning and investing in their local players. As a result, they created the necessary resources and facilities to build their skills.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that not one market, individual, or economy has control over the future.

Our companies must invest in a workforce that can adapt to market changes.

We can do this by creating the right opportunities to allow more of our local workers to take on skilled jobs while ensuring we put in essential capability transfer pathways from foreign to local workers are put in place.

A more skilled workforce is not just good for the companies and economy. Workers with more skills benefit too because they can remain relevant and employable. A job is the best welfare, and full employment is the best protection for our workers!

So, does this mean if Kakak support Mr. Abdul Samad, Kakak also must support Abang and his favorite team?

But Kakak really think red is more of my color.

How like this?


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