Singapore-Malaysia land VTL bus tickets on Transtar Travel sold out within 20 minutes of launch

Singapore-Malaysia land VTL bus tickets on Transtar Travel sold out within 20 minutes of launch

Yesterday it was announced that the Singapore-Malaysia land vaccinated travel lane (VTL) will start from 29 November.

This is good news for the Malaysians working in Singapore because now they have more modes of transport to go back home to Malaysia to see their families and loved ones liao.

Breaking: Singapore & Malaysia to launch vaccinated travel lane between Changi Airport and KLIA

As part of the first phase of the land VTL, travellers will need to use designated VTL bus services.

Priority to travel will also be given to those who have been working in either country to visit their families, so travellers will have to be citizens, permanent residents, or long-term pass holders of the country they are entering.

Designated Bus Service

According to CNA, there will be 32 land VTL designated bus services entering each country per day, with a maximum capacity of 45 “fully seated” passengers per trip.

This means that the daily quota for the land VTL scheme will be about 2,900 travellers in total, with 1,440 passengers each way.

The two companies that will be operating these designated services are Transtar Travel and Handal Indah.

The trip from Singapore will cost $15 for adults and $8 for children, while bus tickets from Malaysia will cost RM20 (S$6.50) for adults and RM10 for children.

Tia gong other modes of transport will also be added in time to come.

Tickets sold out within 20 minutes of sale

The sales for the land VTL started this morning (25 November) at 8am, but the tickets were sold out within 20 minutes of launch on Transtar Travel.

According to CNA, users only had 15 minutes to book the bus tickets, and they could select up to five slots per trip. But by 8.23am, all tickets for the next 30 days were sold out liao. Sibei fast sia!

Meanwhile, for those who want to buy bus tickets from Handal Indah (also known as Causeway Link), the Malaysia bus company said in a Facebook post that only tickets from next Monday (29 November) to 5 December will be available for now. It did not indicate when the next batch of tickets can be booked.

Not surprised at all to see such high demand for the Singapore-Malaysia land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) service lah hor.

If you go and count hor, our Malaysian friends working in Singapore got almost 2 years never go back home to see their families and loved ones liao leh. Of course now must chiong home!

Remember when Malaysia announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year, so many of the Malaysian workers who commute to Singapore daily for work were caught in a sibei jia lat position.

Those companies hiring Malaysian workers also suddenly kena affected by the restrictions – some had to struggle with the sudden loss of manpower, some need to help the Malaysian workers who chose to stay in Singapore find accommodation. But luckily the Gahmen got provide some financial aid for the companies lah.

The Gahmen, unions, and employers were also quick enough to come together to secure accommodation for the Malaysian bus drivers who wish to stay here and continue working – if not our public bus service confirm also kena affected jia lat jia lat with no enough bus drivers!

Must not have been easy for our Malaysian friends sia. But it’s ok! 你们熬过来了 (You have survived it) ! Lao niang feel very happy for you. GDLL~

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