Why this Maggie Fong and Paul Lim look down on food delivery riders??

Why this Maggie Fong and Paul Lim look down on food delivery riders??

By now hor, you probably already hear of Maggie Fong and Paul Lim, this Malaysian property agent that triggered sooooo many people for insulting food delivery riders and PHV drivers in a livestream video. In case you really have been living under a rock… Here’s the video that made sooooo many people angry. Her voice hor, I cannot sia.

Many people were furious at Paul because the video came from him.

But then hor, if you ask me, the more irritating one is his guest, this zhabor named Maggie Fong. This woman apparently started her first business at 23 years old (wah, wah…), and has coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs! Quite big deal lah, but then, it doesn’t give you the right to insult the more vulnerable among us!!! Needless to say, she really triggered a lot of people who went after her with threatening remarks, and “friendly warnings”… Don’t like this lah, maybe she feel sorry already? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tia gong hor, this wasn’t the first time she’s mocking the less well-off. In another livestream, she also put down poor people who became firefighters calling them “悲剧小人物“ who take on their roles to feel like “heroes”. WL, you then 狗眼看人低 (dog eyes see people low), Maggie Fong!Video here if you kaypoh like me.

As for Paul, he apologised for his actions via a press conference in a hotel liao. If you ask me hor, he sounded really sincere in his apology lah. He even apologised on behalf of the woman Maggie Fong… Oh if you need to know, this Paul has been suspended by his company liao. His family, company have also been attacked because of his remarks. ☹ Tearing in his FB live video, he shared of how he started working at a tender age of 8 and his poor family background. He also promised to become a food delivery rider to experience the tough work, do more for the community, to show his sincerity. 🙁

Say real one, our food delivery riders already have it hard. They don’t have employment contracts with their platforms and are not eligible for basic labour protections leh. Their employers also never contribute to their CPF. The Gahmen, associations like the National Delivery Champions Association are trying their best to work things out for them already but in the meantime, we can all do our parts as fellow human beings lah. Who send you your bubble tea and sushi when you had to stay home during the pandemic huh? They have been helping to keep Singapore going during the pandemic leh. While we wait for the Gahmen and associations to push for more benefits for them, we also can show more kindness and respect to them? Don’t need insult people and “dog eyes see people low” like that irritating zhabor, Maggie Fong! 


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