Netizens buay song that Fann Wong is starting online pastry shop, suan her tarts very expensive

Netizens buay song that Fann Wong is starting online pastry shop, suan her tarts very expensive

Local actress Fann Wong has announced in a media release that she will be launching an online pastry shop called Fanntasy, Mothership reported.

The actress has apparently started baking during circuit breaker last year, after craving for old-school bakes. One thing led to another, come 13 Oct, at 9:29am, her online pastry shop will officially be open to members of the public.

But hor, for the time being, the actress will only be offering only two types of whole tarts, the Musang King Gula Melaka Tart which is priced at $68, and Signature Valrhona Chocolate Tart which is priced at $58.

Tia gong recipes are developed by Fann Wong herself and the flavours are inspired by her husband Christopher Lee and son Zed, who are both “chocolate fans”.

Unfortunately, it seems like the netizens are not supportive of her new online business.

Some advising her to “focus” on her career:

Others are not too happy with how expensive her tarts are:


Times are hard. You see now even actresses like Fann Wong also need to pivot. Remember our Hong Lim Beer lady Yumi jie jie? She also ventured into new business by selling nuts.

Nothing wrong with trying different things to earn a living mah, as long as it is not illegal. If you think her tarts are too expensive then just don’t buy lor. Nobody force you to buy also. No need to be so sour grapes one lah.

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