Photo Book to Honour Food Delivery Riders Wins International Award!!

Photo Book to Honour Food Delivery Riders Wins International Award!!

Three years ago, Mr Tan Chin Hock was in between jobs for some time, so he go work as a Grab driver to support his family. According to The New Paper, today, he is a business development executive and an author-photographer! Mai siao siao, this bro’s photo book ‘Drenched to Fill You Up’ also just won an international award!

He remember how stressful the job was for him three years ago and now he decided to share the struggles of our food delivery riders in a photobook to recognise their hard work and also raise awareness to support them. Mr Tan wants people to know that food delivery riders are everyday heroes of the pandemic, helping us to stay home and stay safe. He also hopes Singaporeans can be more understanding and appreciative of their work. You know, little things like allowing them to slow down and be more careful in bad weather, handing them a Coca Cola or BBT on a hot day?

Tell me, you ever chuey dai ji (find trouble) with your Deliveroo rider before just cos they send your food a bit late in the thunderstorm? Don’t say never. When people hangry, these poor food delivery workers always kena lor. Remember just recently got this case of a delivery rider’s wife who had to apologise to angry customers even after the husband already passed away and she was right in front of his body? Come on, don’t kpkb when your orders come late abit. Watch one more episode of Netflix and chill a while won’t starve to death ok. Have a bit of patience and compassion also can accumulate some good karma? Our food delivery riders really have it tough, we can all try to be more understanding towards them, and if possible tip them a bit to appreciate their hard work? One, two dollars not a lot to you right? But it will surely make them feel appreciated!

Mr Tan’s visual tribute has also been recognised by food delivery companies, with some stepping up to provide more support and opportunities for their riders! Other than the National Delivery Champions Association who has been supporting freelancers like our food delivery riders, companies like Deliveroo also very steady, tiagong they always engage their riders through various initiatives, helping them upskilling and training opportunities. Last week, they even announced that they will expand their learning initiative, to encourage more riders to complete training courses!

Say real one, we all can do our part here and there to help our vulnerable workers in society! Not everything must leave to Gahmen tank all please.

~Cover photo by TAN CHIN HOCK


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