6-month report card for Workers’ Party Jamus Lim

6-month report card for Workers’ Party Jamus Lim

Remember the intense battle of Sengkang during GE2020? Say long ago also not very long ago, want to say recent but also not say very recent liao. Smelly smelly also got at least 6 months since the star candidate Jamus Lim oppar charmed everyone off their feet – lao niang included.

And if you remember, our Oppar made a lot of big big promises during that time. One of which is he promised Singaporeans that they will be given good jobs and only good jobs – no need to care if you got skills or not.

So, after all these months, how did our Jamus Lim oppar performed leh? Is he just another “Star Catch” like Chen Show Mao, look like got substance or inside nothing one? Did he fulfil the promises he made to us? Lai lai, lao niang prepared a 6-month report card for Jamus Lim below.

Obviously, his powerful England is no body can fight one. The filly-felleh, the ang moh accent hear liao also jin shiok. After all he also drink 洋墨水 (ang moh ink) for almost 10 years then come back to Singapore one. Sibei impressive.

But hor, can’t really say the same for the suggestions he proposed in Parliament liao. Every time he proposed something one time, lao niang’s heart for him also turn cold one time.

Suka suka want to propose environmental tax on SIA

In case you didn’t know, Jamus Lim suggested that the Gahmen to consider impose an environment tax on Singapore Airlines (SIA), whereby the tax could be borne by the service producer or the consumer.

But erm, got COVID-19 leh? No body travelling? The whole airline industry including SIA is already suffering and all the pilots, kong zeh and kong shao are already eating air and kena being retrenched. How is SIA going to pay? Their backside ah?

Suggested an across-the-board minimum wage

Means don’t care what kind of skills you have, don’t care about the complexity of your job, don’t care is it difficult to do or not – all the pay set at ONE amount across every job.

For example:

  • Xiao Ming is hired to wipe tables at a restaurant, he is paid $1,300 a month.
  • Xiao Beng operate high-tech cleaning machines at hotel because he go upgrade himself, he is paid $1,300 a month.

Doesn’t matter if Xiao Beng’s job is more cheem and he tried harder to improve his skills – he is still paid $1,300 per month, because Jamus Lim oppar said so.

Hmm, like that fair meh? Lao niang not MP, never study university, use backside think also know.

If lao niang is Xiao Beng, I confirm sibei du lan.

Ask Gahmen to remove non-violent ex-offenders’ criminal records

Recently in Parliament, Jamus Lim oppar sibei BRAVELY suggested that the Gahmen go remove non-violent ex-offenders’ criminal records so that ex-offenders no need to declare their crimes when applying for jobs.

Is it he buddha reincarnate or he whitewashed by ang moh culture until he so 开放 and “opened-minded”? Not violent means can let the offenders don’t declare their crimes? Steal things, take upskirt photos, secretly take pictures of people bathing, molest – all these not necessarily involve physical violence tio bo?

Does it mean that a person who has a record of molesting young girls is ok for the person to apply for a childcare job as a childcare teacher – because no need to declare because no physical violence involved?

Commented that the existing coverage of our carbon tax is too narrow

Not long ago, our Jamus Lim oppar also proposed to refine the existing carbon tax and advocated for a much, much higher carbon tax. Does he not know that doing so, a lot of workers’ livelihood will be affected – by saying a lot, we are looking at THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, as pointed out and explained by this post below:

I know lah I know lah. First time kena voted in to become MP, of course he would want to show off a bit, of course he would want to say things to impress people mah. After all he 一口气干掉 (one shot kill) 3 officeholder leh – Ng Chee Meng, Lam Pin Min and Amrin Amin. But hor also need to propose things with common sense and not anyhowly say say and make himself feel shiok without considering other things mah. You represent Singaporeans leh, not your own ego.

Instead of trying to filly felleh and show off in Parliament, maybe he should put in more effort in the new town council he took over. Tia gong got a lot of lapses wor. This one not I say one hor, got Sengkang resident complain town council standard also drop. Oppar ownself also admit got genuine lapses

And not say I want to compare lah. But hor, on the other hand, Ng Chee Meng the Labour Chief of NTUC who is one of the 3 people kena pok by Jamus Lim, seems to have done so much more real and effective work to help workers and Singaporeans than this Jamus Lim oppar in these 6 months loh.

For instance, he has:

  • Helped 200,000 self-employed people – by paying out about S$1.8 billion paid out to them under SIRS and helping them find other jobs.
  • Given children of low-income families attending NTUC pre-schools more money – this one is estimated to cost S$2 million, and will benefit 4,000 families!
  • Rolled out enhanced NTUC Care Fund (Covid-19) which is worth $25 million to support union members – talking about 65,000 of beneficiaries hao ma?
  • Extended Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation discount schemes to help seniors stretch their dollar when they shop at NTUC FairPrice – the extension is estimated to cost them more than S$10 million.
  • Set up two new associations to represent about 1,000 creative content professionals and about 2,000 delivery riders (like that is about 3,000 people liao)
  • Pushed for enhancements to Progressive Wage Model – Previously only cleaning, security and landscape sectors. Now tia gong they sibei fast and furious, going to roll-out to even more sectors like waste management sector and food services sector to benefit more lower wage workers

You see you see, people do so many things liao, help so many people, he still got time to do plank wor:

Sibei fitspo!

Aiya, I think 观众的眼睛是雪亮 one lah, you all have sharp eyes. Who only use the mouth to talk in Parliament, who got do work (REAL work) you all ownself can see, unless you pretend you cannot see.

All I can say is: jia you ah, Jamus. You still got a long way to go.

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