This volunteer at IMH not only got brains & heart, she also got perseverance

This volunteer at IMH not only got brains & heart, she also got perseverance

For the longest time, 23 year old Ms Yuvarthana Krishnan dreamed of pursuing psychology at university, and to use her skills to help others as a social worker. However, she did not get into the course she aim for at a local university.

But you think she just give up (like others would have)? Nope. She didn’t! In fact, after some time, she finally found psychology courses that matched her requirements at James Cook University (JCU)!

Apart from completing the degree programme, Ms Yuvarthana’s also actively involved in a volunteer programme at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). There, she picked up even more skills relevant to what she do!

As part of the volunteer programme, every week she will go to the IMH, and spend hours mingling with the patients. “These visits truly made me understand the importance of being open-minded and empathetic to people around us,” she says.

Empathetic OK? Not kpkb about nonsense all day err day.

Ms Yuvarthana’s knowledge in the field of psychology, and skills, practical experiences that she picked up, helped to prepare her for her current role as a crisis response specialist at Airbnb.

But hor, how she get the job though??? TADAH! Through LinkedIn!

“After several rounds of interviews, I got the job. During the interviews, I displayed core values and skills that resonated with that of Airbnb and the role I applied for. This included the ability to understand and respond to various crises,” she says.

So ahem, people didn’t get the job by luck ok? She worked for it! Having the right set of skills and good interview techniques go a long way! If you are lousy at interviews and you know it, then tolong you go find a career coach.

If you the kiam kana kind and don’t want to pay out your own pocket kind, donch worry – FREE ONE, MIAN LUI AH!

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