Singapore is in a technical recession liao

GE2020 over liao means you need to wait another 5 more years before you can say “GE coming!” again. But for now, you can say “Recession coming!” because recession is really coming.


According to this report, Singapore is in a technical recession liao.

Simi technical recession?

Economists’ definition say is two consecutive quarter-on-quarter contractions lah. But wah piang so cheem, who understand sia?

To put it in a simpler form, it means that a lot of sectors and industries never make money because of Covid-19, so our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropped macam you sit Gyro Drop at the amusement park.

Aiya, that means our economy is suffering and a lot of people will continue to become jobless and kena retrenchment lah!

If you still think is no big deal then you not WOKE and lao niang think you need to slap yourself to wake yourself up liao.

If you still have a job now, then you need to go thank heaven and earth and also the Gahmen because it is because got the 4 support package that cost almost S$100 billion, that you still got job and income.

Say real one, if don’t have those support packages, Gahmen never pump in money to help tow kays and businesses hor, a lot of people would be eating air or grass outside now.

So hor, don’t say lao niang never warn you this, but we all really need to prepare ourselves for the sibei jia lat days that haven’t come.

Save money while you can, don’t anyhow, suka suka spend money liao. If got job offer, just do it first. Don’t care part-time or full-time JUST DO IT FIRST. Now is not the time for you to hiam so much and think you from some royal family.

Also hor, don’t just because it is phase 2 now means you can go out to meet friends and have fun and forgot about social distancing. We still need to continue to play our part to keep the infections in the community low.

Tolong ah, don’t be CB.

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