All you need to know about the Fortitude Budget

All you need to know about the Fortitude Budget

So earlier this week (26 May), this Swee Keat announced the Fortitude Budget speech in Parliament.

Lao niang hear liao, lao niang shookted.

WTFOMGBBQ another $33 billion!!!!!!

Lao niang go and add up all the numbers together from the past 3 budgets, Unity + Resilience + Solidarity + Fortitude = Wah kao! Almost $100 billion sia!!!!

You know how much money is that? You know behind got how many zeros? Lao niang is don’t know lah, because never see this much money before in my short life mah.

In case you never follow, or you think this Swee Keat too lor sor, here are the things you need to know:

  • Covid-19 situation become more jia lat now, people dying, our economy also dying.
  • Singapore is using $92.9 billion, which is almost 20% of Singapore’s GDP to save all our asses.
  • But first, we need to save jobs because we need money. No job, no money, no honey.
  • Towkays will get additional month of Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) from Gahmen to continue to pay their staff salary.
  • Businesses that tio affected and cannot operate even after circuit breaker is lifted will continue to get foreign worker levy waived and rebate for 2 months.
  • SME tenants will get rental offset to help them minimise their losses.
  • Commercial tenants and hawkers will get 2 more months of rental waiver.
  • Industrial, office and agricultural tenants under Gahmen agencies will get 1 more month of rental waiver, which means they 2 months no need pay rent.
  • If you towkay and still haven’t go digital, mai tu liao lah. Ka kin go digital liao. Now simi era already? Gahmen got give money to help you go digital. So, just do it lah!
  • Gahmen is creating 100,000 jobs and training opportunities to help Singaporeans earn money.
  • You all KPKB say work from home utilities bill go up right? Now Gahmen give you a one-off $100 Solidarity Utilities Credit.

Almost $100 billion liao, but Gahmen also Singaporeans, they kiasu and kiasi, they are going set aside another $13 billion, because just in case lor.

But hor, you don’t think Ah Gong rich means you can sit at home chill and Netflix ok? Please do your part. Don’t keep expecting Ah Gong to spoon feed you and give you money. Go and earn your own money.

And all those who KP say you ONLY get $100 from the Fortitude budget, HELLO? Wake up and stop using your backside to think liao. You know many of you will lose your jobs if Gahmen never support your wages gao-gao the past 2 months through the Jobs Support Scheme a not? If Gahmen never help businesses, company might toh, towkays might become pok gai, then who employ you ah? All these are indirectly helping you one ok? See things don’t only see surface leh.

If lao niang is Ah Gong, lao niang won’t even give you money. Lao niang will ask you go jiak sai.

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