#LaoniangWalktheGround: Last post before GE2020 cooling off day

Last post before GE2020 cooling off day!


Okok, before we all have to shut up and not talk about anything to do with politics unless you want to go lim kopi with the mata, lao niang just want to remind everyone a few important things before the GE2020 polling day comes!

Number 1, please remember that your vote is secret.

Just hoot and vote for who you have faith in, and who you think can lead Singapore properly out of the woods when Singapore kena hit by thunderstorm.

Don’t see your friend say want to vote who then you follow hor.

This one concern not just you yourself, but the whole of Singapore.

So mai siao ok?

If you think during the economic crisis, your jobs and your livelihood is your number one priority now then you vote for who you think can help you find jobs, can steady pom pi pi fight Covid-19 and get us all through this shit.

If you think fighting for simi human rights and simi social issues are MOST important now – more important than having a job and earning your own keeps this during Covid-19 crisis, then you go vote who you think can help you ok?

At the end of the day, we all want the best for Singapore, tio bo?

Just don’t stupid stupid listen to people’s sweet talk then you macam tio gong tao and kena all your money con like how those Ah Tiong Bu cheat old uncle’s CPF money.

~VoTe WiSeLy~

And most importantly, don’t sabo yourself then end up also sabo Singapore to become like Malaysia ok. Not cool ok?

Laoniang confirm will go burn down your house one.

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